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Carlin Petrini premiato dall’Onu fra i Campioni della Terra 2013

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carlin-petriniUnep, il programma ambientale delle Nazioni Unite ha assegnato anche a Carlin Petrini, fondatore di Slow Food, il titolo di Campione della terra 2013, per aver reso più efficiente e più sostenibile attraverso un lavoro pionieristico, l’alimentazione e l’offerta di cibo in numerosi paesi del mondo. Tra gli altri premiati 2013, figurano Google Earth, il commissario europeo per l’ambiente Janez Potocnik e il ministro brasiliano per l’ambiente Izabella Teixeira. Il premio verrà consegnato al museo di storia naturale di New York.

La motivazione del premio

Petrini is recognized for his pioneering work over the past three decades to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the world’s agriculture and food supply ‘one bite at a time’. Slow Food has over 100,000 members and supporters in over 150 countries, defending local food traditions, supporting biodiversity, tackling food waste, and promoting small-scale quality food products.

He joins an eclectic group of Champions of the Earth laureates, including Brazil’s Environment Minister, the developers of Google Earth, and a leading air pollution researcher, who will receive their awards at a special ceremony to be held in New York on 18 September 2013. Champions of the Earth is organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Petrini founded the Slow Food movement almost 30 years ago with the aim of reducing biodiversity loss, and reviving artisanal, resource-efficient food production techniques, which were at risk of dying out.

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity works in over 50 countries and involves over 10,000 small-scale food producers, promoting environmentally and culturally sustainable agriculture and fishing. It coordinates numerous projects in support of local communities, providing them with technical and financial assistance.

Petrini and his team also initiated the Ark of Taste project – a catalogue of well over 1000 forgotten or endangered food products from more than 75 countries.  Slow Food’s A Thousand Gardens in Africa project currently active in 25 African countries, to actively support African communities in fighting for freedom from hunger, the right to food and food security.

Slow Food’s Youth Network is actively involved in efforts to tackle food waste – including the popular ‘Disco Soup’ events. In France, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the USA among other locations, ‘Disco Soup’ volunteers come together to cook free meals using good quality fruits, vegetables and other ingredients leftover from markets, businesses or households. DJs provide the background music for the chopping, peeling, and slicing, before the food is distributed locally.

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